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How To Fix a PST File Automatically ? | Mini Tech Help Hindi

Fix a PST File Automatically With Outlook

From time to time, the pst or Personal Folders file used for everything in outllook gets corrupted damaged or otherwise neagtively affected on a seemingly regular basis.
Depending on the level of file corruption affecting the Outlook .pst data file we highly recommend you try a .pst file scan with the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. Inaddition to email, this app recovers calendar entries contacts, notes,nicknames, and other outlook data file elements.

The Outlook ScanPst.exe .PST Recovery Tool

To get it, you'll need to navigate to this path using Windows Explorer
For Outlook 2007 : Hard Drive Letter.\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12Now, inside this folder youre looking for this particular setup file "Scanpst.exe" When you run the .exe,you'll need to Browse. to your current .pst file and hit Start:

the Inbox repair Tool will now scan the corrupted .PST file for errors:

Select the Srart buttan

if your PST file is recoverable,you'll see the repairable errors show up in the scan results. To fix them. select Repair

Transferring Recovered PST File Data to New PST File

Onec the the repair finishes, Outlook creates a Recovered Version your .pst file and you need to tell Outlook to use it rather than the old damaged or corrupted .pst file. Next you'll need to point Outlook in the right direction namely at the recovered .pst data file you may need a stronger repair tool. Try scanning it with the Stellar Phoenix PST repair utility. Select GO from the top menu choose Folder List

With the Folder List open, you should see a Recovered Personal Folders with the usual Outlook personal Folders, or a Lost and Found option .If the Lost and Found folder has a file that
the Inbox Repair Tool Successfully fixed, it wil show up here. If it's empty, the Repair Tool was unsuccessful. If you do see a fixed .pst file in the Lost and Found box you'll need to create a new .pst file to move the repaired files(s)to. After you've simply dragged the files ouver from the 'Recovered' .pst file to the newly created .pst file you can turf the Recovered Personal Folders contents




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