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How to clean up windows 10 to run faster |Mini Tech Help Hindi

           How to clean up windows 10.
windows 10

Optimize Windows and Speed up computer follow the steps below.

    1. Click on Windows+R.

2. Type the following command temp then press Enter.

temp file
3. Delete all files listed.

4. Again type the following command %temp% then press Enter.

temp files
5. Delete all files listed.

6. Type the following command prefetch on Run and press enter.

prefetch file
7. Delete all files listed.

8. Click on Windows+R.

9. Type the following command cleanmgr.exe then press Enter.

10. Click onOk.

11. These tools are used to speed up the performance of your hard disk.
The Disk Cleanup tool is used to delete unnecessary data stored on your computer, such as temporary internet files, thumbnails, debug dump files, etc.

Disk Cleanup

12. Check all the things that you want to remove and then click the OK button.

13. Type the following command msconfig on Run and press enter.


14. your computer run software that is not needed all the time. 
Some of these programs can be disabled to increase speed.Unused programs disable at startup.

task manager

15. The Startup tab and then deselect the programs that are not mandatory instance, iTunes, Wondershate Studio,Skype and SynciosDeviceService.exe can be disabled to improve your computer’s performance.

16. CCleaner software used

This tool is very powerful and can be used to improve your computer’s speed. This program will scan all areas of your computer and will clean and fix things like registry keys, temporary files, recycle bin, history and cookies etc.


17. Scan your computer for malware 

your computer can have low performance because it may be infected with viruses. The best method of dealing with viruses is by installing an antivirus program and run it on a regular basis. In Windows , you can install Microsoft Security Essentials for free and it will do the job perfectly. You can always choose another security software such as AVG, Norton  kaspersky, etc.



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