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Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus Free Download With Activation Toolkit |Mini Tech Help Hindi.

Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2013 pro plus is also a member of the office suite family. Microsoft released five (5) different editions of Office 2013.Home & Business,Standard, Professional and Professional Plus. Office professional plus 2013 contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, Publisher, and Lync.  It was initially released on January 2013 by Microsoft. Officially supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 along with Windows server 2008 R2 to Windows server 2016. Though, you can use it on older versions of Windows (Vista & XP) as well. Microsoft allows users to download office 2013 pro plus as a trial for 30-60 days for free. Create or edit your document easily with office 2013 pro plus.

Best Features of Microsoft Office 2013

You can experience the following salient features in addition to many others after Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download.
Clean interface.
You Can save your work online  in OneDrive.
Access your data from anywhere at any time.
Convert your data into tables and charts in two simple steps.
Many templates included.
Can edit PDF files in MS Word 2013.
Reading mode introduced in Word 2013.
New functions for trigonometry, math and engineering included in Excel 2013.
Presenter view included in PowerPoint 2013.
A new wide range of formats are supported by PowerPoint 2013.

Minimum System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2013.

You must be sure for the following requirements prior to start Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download.
Operating System: Windows 10 / Window 8 / Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Memory (RAM): 512MB
Hard Disk: 1 GB
Processor: Intel Pentium IV or above.

Download here ..........
Office 2013


Saturday, December 7, 2019

How To Fix Corrupt Windows 7/8/10 Temporary Profile | Mini Tech Help Hindi

How To Fix Temporary Profile.

After recent windows 10 upgrade, Getting Temporary profile login Error “you’ve been signed in with a temporary profile”. Due to this error, you have lost all Data form Desktop? Whenever you face this Temporary login error you may notice it will take a long time to log in to the user profile. And Any changes you make to this temporary profile will not be saved hence loading a fresh profile each time you log in. Here this post we discuss How To Fix Temporary Profile Login error on Windows 10/ 8.1 and 7.

 Get The SID.

First of all you need to find the SID (Security Identifier) of your user account. SID is actually experiencing the temporary profile issue and displaying the notification. To find out the SID for your user account, Type cmd on start menu search, Right click on command prompt and run as administrator to open the command prompt. Then type the command below And hit the enter key to get the SID. 
Start Command Prompt as administrator and run whoami /user command.

As Result, you will get the S-1-5-21-2016222445-503979530-1859928627-740723

"Windows + R".
Then type regedit in the box and hit Enter.
If prompted by User Account Control, click "YES"
After Registry Editor window pops up.
 Head to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" > "SOFTWARE" > "Microsoft" > "Windows NT" > "CurrentVersion" > "ProfileList".

Double-click the ProfileImagePath entry to edit the value data. Type the correct profile path and click OK.

Next, right-click on your old SID key that is maked as .bak, and then click on Delete

That’s it. Log off or restart your computer. Windows will sign in to your account with a local profile instead of a temporary profile. And you will no longer receive the temporary profile error

The Last And very useful tip perform a system Restore, This will revert back system to previous working state. Where system and user profile working without any corruption Error.

Friends, if you like this post kindly comment below the post and do share your response. thanks for reading.


Sunday, November 17, 2019

How to Enable or Disable USB Drives or Ports in Windows 10 |Mini Tech Help Hindi.

                        Enable or Disable USB Drives or Ports.

Do you want to protect the data on your Windows 10 computer by blocking USB drives or disabling USB drives on your PC? In this guide, we will cover the three easy ways out there to enable or disable USB drives in Windows 10.

Blocking USB drives in Windows 10 can be done in many ways. You can use the Registry, BIOS or Device Manager  utilities to enable or disable USB drives in Windows 1

If you are comfortable making changes to Windows Registry, you can enable or disable USB drives in Windows 10 by manually editing the Registry. Here is how to do that.

1.Enable, Disable USB Drives & Mass Storage Devices using Registry.

If the administrator is smart, then he would definitely do this to ensure a tight blockade. He would alter the settings through regedit command on Run console. Now how do you unlock it? You have to go right into where the administrator has been. Here is how.

Go to Start > Run, type “regedit” and press enter to open the registry editor
Navigate to the following key

Now, on the right-side, double-click on Start DWORD value and change its value to 4 to disable USB drives and USB storage devices on your Windows 10 PC. Change the Start DWORD value back to 3 to enable USB drives and storage devices on your PC.

2.Use the Device Manager to Disable USB Ports.

Disabling the USB ports through the Device Manager is also pretty straightforward. Right-click on the Start menu, and click on “Device Manager.” When the window appears, click on Universal Serial Bus controller. (It’s the last option on the list.) You can also choose the uninstall option for the USB drive, and when someone inserts a USB, Windows won’t be able to find the drivers.

3. Disable or enable USB ports in BIOS.

Some manufacturers offer an option in BIOS/UEFI to disable or enable USB ports. Boot into BIOS/UEFI and check if there is an option available to disable or enable USB ports. Check your PC’s user manual to know if an option to enable or disable USB ports is present in the BIOS/UEFI.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Download |Mini Tech Help Hindi.

Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Download.

Windows XP is a popular version released in 2001 and now with discontinued support from the manufacturer. there are many newer versions such as windows 10 pro. windows 7 ultimate . XP was very popular because was very stable and intuitve to be used when windows 8 was released . many people installed xp back because they

Windows XP Service Pack 3 ISO includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update (SP3) includes a few new functionalities, but does not significantly change customer experience with the OS.

Operating System Requirements.

Processor: Pentium III
Memory: 512 Mb
Hard disk space: 5 GB available
Video card: Super VGA (800 x 600)

How To Install Windows XP From ISO Image.

After you successfully downloaded windows XP ISO file. Save it on your PC. Follow this tutorial which tells How to install Windows XP (SP3) via USB Drive. The steps to install windows XP are simple and easy. Comment here if you face any issues during windows XP ISO download or installation.


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Windows 10 Download ISO 64 Bit With Crack Full Version |Mini Tech Help Hindi

Download Latest Windows 10 ISO In All Languages

Windows 10 ISO images are available for download for everyone. Microsoft makes the ISO files available so that the users can download and clean install/upgrade Windows without any issues. Microsoft gives multiple ways to download and install the latest version of Windows. We will discuss some of the ways in detail in this article.

System requirements.

The minimum requirements for installing Windows 10 are the same as Windows 8 or 8.1.
Processor: 1 GHz
Memory (RAM): 1 GB (For 32 Bit), 2 GB (For 64 Bit)
Minimum Space: 32 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Display: 800x600 resolution or greater
Internet connection: Some versions of Windows 10 require an internet connection during setup.
You’ll need a blank USB drive with at least 8GB of space (or a blank DVD) to put the Windows 10 installation files on.
Latest Windows 10 technical specs (1903).
Complete OS Name: Windows 10 May 2019 Update 32-bit/64-bit Build 18362.116 (Comes with 25 languages at the moment)
These are the file names for the English version of Windows 10 which is the default. The file names will change according to the language you have selected for download.

File size: The ISO file size varies between 3 GB and 4 GB according to the architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) selected and the language of the download.

Release date: Initial Windows 10 release was in March 2015. The latest version 1903 was released on 10th May 2019.

Download here .


Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and Create Bootable USB

Once Bootable USB drive created, you can use it to install a new copy of Windows 10, 8.1 & 7, to perform a clean installation, or to reinstall the Windows OS. Before you download the tool make sure you fulfill below requirements:

Steps to Create Windows 10 Installation Media.

Step 1. Click here ( to reach Microsoft official Website. Click on “Download tool now” button under create Windows 10 installation media to download windows 10 media creation tool.

Step 2. Insert your USB drive and format it if required.

Step 3. Find out the downloaded tool (with the name of “MediaCreationTool”) and double click to run it.

Step 4. The previous step will launch the Windows 10 Setup window. Read and ‘Accept’ the terms to continue.


Step 5. Select “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file for another PC” and click “Next”.

Step 6. Let the default settings stay and click “Next”.
Unchecked “Use the recommended options fort his PC” and change the selection, if you want a different Language, Edition or Architecture.

Step 7. Select “USB flash drive” and click “Next”.

Step 8. Select the USB flash drive and click “Next”. I have only one additional drive here, but be careful if you have multiple drives.

Step 9.  The tool will download Windows 10 and install it on the USB drive you selected. It will take a while depending on your internet connection and system speed. It took about 20 minutes for me.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hiren boot cd usb |Mini Tech Help Hindi

Hiren's BootCD


15.2 for Windows HirenThe most complete all-in-one bootable CD.
Hiren's BootCD can also be useful even when the primary operating system cannot be initiated because of some mistake in the system.
Additionally, when you are sometimes installing an operating system and you find errors, like when the partition table doesn't function correctly or the space of the hard disk doesn't match up, thanks to this CD you can solve the problems with its tools. Especially with 'Acronis Disk Director Suite', this allows you to take control and to see where the error is through a graphic environment.
This kind of compilation software provides a compilation of programs to help resolves most and some uncommon Internet and computer issues like driver failure.

How to install it?

1- create a folder called HirensBoot on the desktop.
2- Double click on the file and decompress it in the created folder.
3- Execute the universal program USB installer.
4- In the drop-down menu select the option Hiren's Boot CD.
5- Search the ISO in the HirensBoot folder on the desktop.
6- Select your pen drive and the box 'We will format:Drive as Fat32' (ATTENTION: it will delete everything on the USB stick)
7- Click on the 'create' button. Notes.


- Mini XP (with network connection by cable and WiFi)
- Tests of the system functions.
- Partition programs.
- Programs for security copies.
- Multimedia players.
- Master Boot Record manager.
- BIOS tools.
- Change or delete passwords of the equipment.
- Programs for data recovery.


For Hiren boot cd download  just click here.


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download |Mini Tech Help Hindi

Microsoft Office 2007 is a version of Microsoft Office, a family of office suites and productivity software for Windows, developed and published by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 2007 features a completely redesigned interface that features the so-called "Ribbon", a quick access bar that includes buttons to the most frequently used functions. No matter what edition you use, the main four applications in Microsoft Office are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, which in some cases remain as industry standards for document creation and management: Word helps you deal with all sorts of tasks related to written documents, from simple text editing to complex documents including macros, tables, images and forms; Excel is the quintessential app to deal with figures, calculations and mathematical formulae, all in 2D spreadsheets or 3D colorful diagrams; PowerPoint helps you create attractive presentations with sound effects and transitions to accompany your talks and lectures, combining ease of use with professional results; and finally Outlook is the standard e-mail solution in many corporate environments thanks to its seamless integration with Exchange servers, support for digital signatures and powerful extra tools (Tasks, Calendars, and more). Microsoft Office is a complete productivity suite.

Download here ..

Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download 


Saturday, August 3, 2019

How to Lock Folders in Windows 10 (Without software Installation) |Mini Tech Help Hindi

We Lock or Hide our Personal folders in Windows using Third-Party Software, but we can lock or hide our folder (Files, Images, Music even Videos) with out any software installation just using a simple command prompt code.

How to Lock Folder on Windows 10 Without Any Software.

Right-click inside a drive or folder where you would like to place your locked folder and select New > Text Document from the context menu.just hit Enter.

Once created, double-click on the text file to open it. you can simply open Notepad.
Copy and paste the text below into your notepad created text document.



title Folder Locker

if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK



echo Are you sure u want to Lock the folder(Y/N)

set/p "cho=>"

if %cho%==Y goto LOCK

if %cho%==y goto LOCK

if %cho%==n goto END

if %cho%==N goto END

echo Invalid choice.



ren Locker "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"

attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"

echo Folder locked

goto End


echo Enter password to Unlock folder

set/p "pass=>"

if NOT %pass%==Your-Password-Here goto FAIL

attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"

ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" Locker

echo Folder Unlocked successfully

goto End


echo Invalid password

goto end


md Locker

echo Locker created successfully

goto End


In the text file, find the text Your-Password-Here. Replace Your-Password-Here with the password you want to set for the locked folder. For instance, if you want the password to be abcd$123, replace Your-Password-Here with abcd$123.

Now type FolderLock.bat in the File name field and click Save. You can now delete the text file you earlier created.
Now double-click on the FolderLock.bat file and a new folder named Locker will be created.

Drag and drop all the files you want to hide and lock into the folder. When you’re done, double-click the FolderLock.bat file again and this time you’ll be asked if you want to lock the folder. Type Y in the command prompt window and hit Enter.

When you’re done with your folder double-click on the FolderLock.bat file again and re-lock it.  That’s it! You have successfully locked folder on your Windows 10 and now you have a hidden safe inside your PC.

The only way to access the folder again is to double-click on the FolderLock.bat file again. This time, it’ll ask you to enter the password you had earlier set. Type in the password and hit Enter and you’ll notice the folder will appear again.


Sunday, July 14, 2019

How to install photo viewer on windows 10 |Mini Tech Help Hindi

How to Add Microsoft photo viewer windows 10.

Windows 10 has a bunch of new apps, including a new Photos app. I don't mind the Photos app  it certainly has some nifty features, such as the ability to edit and enhance your images with a couple of clicks  but I love the old Windows Photo Viewer.

1. Open the Notepad .


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00









3. Copy the code from into Notepad and save it as a REG.

4. Double-click on your new REG file to merge it with your Windows Registry. You will need to click through the User Account Control and a few other windows to allow the file to make changes to the Registry.

5. Right-click any type of image file—for example, a .png, .jpg, .gif, or .bmp file—and select Open With > Choose Another App

6. Select Windows Photo Viewer. If you don’t see it at first, scroll to the bottom of what’s listed and click the “More apps” option—it’ll show up. Select the “Always use this app to open .___ files” option, and then click OK.

Windows Photo Viewer will now be the default image viewer for that type of image file


Thursday, July 4, 2019

How to Add a Network or Wireless Printer to Your Windows 10 Laptop | Mini Tech Help Hindi

Most network printers or wireless printers don’t need additional setup. Windows is smart enough to find those printers  and install the network or wireless printer for you.

When a network or wireless printer isn’t automatically installed, you must attempt to do the setup yourself. Follow these steps.

wireless printer installation :-

1. Start the Settings app.

From the Start button menu, choose Settings.

2.Click the Devices button.

3 Click the Devices and Printers link, found below the list of printers on the Devices screen.

4.Click the Add a Printer button.

5.Choose the printer from the list, and then click the Next button.

6. Continue the installation process.

At this point, your job is mostly to click the Install driver. 

Network printer installation :-

Network printer installation Steps 1,2,3,4 same .
5. Click the button.

6. Select add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname 

7. Enter the IP address of your printer Select the option Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use. Click Next. 

8. Scroll down to Canon under Manufacturers.

9. Select Canon iR-AVD 4025/4035 Class Driver and then click Next.

10. Enter a printer name for the printer in the text box next to 

11. If you want, you can view the new printer listing by clicking the Start button and then clicking on Devices and Printers.



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